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About Us

Southend West Conservative Association represents the Conservative Party in the Parliamentary constituency of the same name.
The Association is dedicated to providing support for our MP Sir David Amess, MEP and local councillors and seeks to:

  • Promote the Conservative cause within the constituency

  • Ensure the election and return of a Conservative Member of Parliament, Conservative Members of the European Parliament and Conservative Councillors in Southend Borough Council.

  • Raising funds for the Conservative Party and the Association

  • Organise local political and social activities.

  • Select and train potential Local council candidates

  • Select or reselect the Constituency MP

Southend West is a totally urban constituency. The success it has achieved through the years at parliamentary and local authority level has been achieved by Conservative representatives at both levels (including our friends from Southend East) placing a strong emphasis on social and regeneration issues. For the past ten years, unemployment, the scourge of seaside towns throughout the country, has been successfully addressed by an energetic and caring Conservative administration which aims for high levels of employment to stimulate the local economy, whilst at the same time ensuring that the elderly and deprived are also at the forefront of our priorities.

Please address all correspondence and general enquiries to
The Secretary,
67 Leigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 1JW
Telephone: 01702 472391

E-mail    To see our information brochure please click the link at the bottom of the page.


1955 Supper Club Secretary Jean Joel 01702 344735

Marlborough Dining Club Secretary 01702 472391

CWO/Presidents Luncheon Club  Miss Nancy Howard

Belfairs Ward Chairman Alan Dear 01702 523636

Chalkwell Ward Chairman Nancy Howard OBE 01702 712738

Eastwood Park Ward Treasurer Chris Cann 01702 524126

Leigh Ward Chairman Bernard Arscott 01702 212062

St. Laurence Ward Cllr Mark Flewitt 01702 526897

West Leigh Ward Chairman Cllr John Lamb 01702 483908

Prittlewell Ward Chairman Meg Davidson 01702 586231

Westborough Ward SWCA Office 01702 472391

Blenheim Park Ward Chairman Judith Suttling 01702 522998

SWCA Office 01702 472391