Cllr Andrew Moring

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Chartered Engineer. Cabinet Member - Portfolio for Corporate Support Services.

I have represented the residents of Eastwood as their Councillor for over 17 years,  and have recently had the honour of also representing Southend-on-Sea as the Worshipful the Mayor for the Civic Year 2015/16 (having served as Deputy Mayor in 2014/15). I am now appointed to the Cabinet as Executive Councillor for Corporate and Community support. I am using this position to support my residents, championing tackling benefit fraud and improving customer services through the wider use of technology. I introduced the televising of Full Council Meetings, and I have been working to extend our existing cemetery, which is running out of capacity, and ensure our Cemetery and Crematorium Services are one of the best in the Country.  As a Member of the Essex Pensions Fund Board, I have ensured that there is no black hole in Southend Council’s staff pension pot which would be a liability that would fall on our Council Tax payers. I am a member of the Forum Library management committee – one of the largest public libraries in the country and helped retain our own Kent Elms Library.  As a member of the Capital Board I worked to transform the old library into the new Beecroft Art Gallery, and I am a member of the team planning the new medical technology park off Cherry Orchard Lane, which will create hundreds of jobs over the next 5-10 years. In addition, I have over 30 years’ experience in management in public and private industry, with qualifications including a Master’s Degree in Business Administration as well as an Honours Degree in Law. As a resident I also have first-hand experience of our local Social Services, for 30 years on behalf of our eldest son, who was severely disabled, and now on behalf of our aged parents.

The biggest challenges facing this town are caring for our aging population, affordable housing and parking. These problems cannot be solved overnight but if we all work together we can make a difference.

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