For Immediate Release

Councillors visit New Fair Havens Hospice

Cllrs Boyd, Buck, Dear, McGlone, Flewitt, Nelson, and Steve Buckley recently visited the site of the New Fair Havens to see first hand the progress being made.

They were kindly shown around by staff who showed the work that has been done on the Intensive Care Unit, Day Care Centre and staff offices.

Mark Flewitt, Councillor for St Laurence Ward where the new hospice is located said,

"This is a wonderful facility that has been created. It is wonderful to see how much progress has been made since I last visited. You can really see the work that has gone into the design of the building to ensure Fair Havens can offer a practical and Holistic approach to care."

The facility will also include a rehabilitation gym and a cafeteria to allow friends, family and staff a place where they can socialise.

Fair Havens Hospice is still raising funds for the completion of the bullding and have begun a new campaign asking everyone to donate a single pound to Fair Havens. If everyone donates £1 then the money will be raised.

Cllr McGlone, who also represents St Laurence Ward said,

"This is an excellent campaign and it is more than achievable. £1 could make all the difference to the people in our local community who will rely on this excellent hospice for their care needs. If it means having one less pint down the pub, or not buying that extra bag of crisps on your way home from work, then so be it: the gift of £1 to Fair Havens is worth it."