For Immediate Release

Southend Conservatives Welcome Electric Car Investment

The Southend Conservatives have welcomed a Government announcement on increased investment in electric vehicle infrastructure.

The Government is investing nearly £40m in infrastructure for electric vehicles including wireless charging systems. The funding is to be split across 12 projects which will “transform” electric chargepoint infrastructure in the UK, with support for a number of exciting innovations and charging technologies.

Wireless electric car charging systems are one of the innovation projects receiving investment, as well as solar-powered forecourts, underground charging systems and “pop-up” pavement technology.

Shadow Cabinet member for Transport & Highways Cllr Kevin Buck said:

"This investment is very welcome, demonstrates the Conservative Government’s commitment to renewable energy solutions and is vital as we transition from fossil fuels to a 100% renewable energy and zero emissions transport infrastructure. Whilst range anxiety continues to exist for potential electric car buyers, until this technology becomes mainstream and ’the norm', having available charging points is key to weaning people off carbon based fuels and in to zero emissions vehicles.

"The move to electric cars will have a significant positive impact on our current air quality issues and our general quality of life, but just as important, as we will be generating our own electricity, we will become energy self dependant and create a sustainable circular economy free from the dependency of oil as a fuel and in my view, cannot come soon enough"