Why won't they rule out a deal with the SNP?

Why won't Ed Miliband and his team rule out working with the SNP?The answer is clear: with Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, Ed Miliband has to be propped up by the SNP to get into power.We'll all pay for the SNP's de

Don't risk it with Ed Miliband and the SNP

2 million jobs created since 2010 is great news for families - but Ed Miliband and the SNP would wreck the economy and put it all at risk.SHARE this to help stop it from happening.

The question Ed Miliband must answer:

(Source: Sky News, 17/04/2015)Ed Miliband’s refusal to rule out working with the SNP means just one thing: if he was Prime Minister, there would be chaos - and we'll all pay for it.

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