St. Laurence Ward

Welcome to St Laurence Ward

Surgery last Saturday of the month

1.30-4.00pm Kent Elms Library

First Saturday of the month

10.00-11.30am - Morrison Barista Coffee Bar

Third Saturday of the month

11.00am - 1.00pm - a walk-about surgery on the Ecko Estate meeting at Radar Close 


In 2019 Steve Buckley narrowly lost and another candidate took the seat.

The work continues with BREXIT at last on route to being a reality and Steve is serving his St Laurence community by being the Community Worker with Mark Flewitt and Dave McGlone.

Mark Flewitt is now serving the community by being a Vice Chairman of Place Scrutiny (All things environment) and has been appointed as the Deputy Mayor for the whole Borough. Not being out done, Dave McGlone is also the Vice Chairman for Policy and Resources Scrutiny. So both Mark and Dave are more than occupied with more surgeries, panels of the Council and of course lots of case work, as well as the formal duties of the Council.

Joining the Team is a new volunteer who looks after the environment in her own right as well as acts as Mark and Dave’s social Media Secretary, Wonder women otherwise known as Anne Thurgood!

St Laurence Ward is a huge geographic area and has many facets, including the successful Southend Airport and many new homes gradually being added to its residential housing, including the established Ekco Estate and a Havens Hospice.

The church by the Airport is a beautiful landmark and is over 1000 years old. Of course this is St Laurence And All Saints.

Contact can be made at:        07918360399   07855281493



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