St. Laurence Ward

Welcome to St Laurence Ward.

St Laurence has some important economic drivers within it, the Airport frontage and access is within the Ward and of course the employment opportunities with the branded hotel, all add to the St Laurence significance. The ancient church of St Laurence And All Saints offers along with St Stephens a strong faith base, with influence beyond the St Laurence Ward. Thanet Grange, the home of the RBS card centre is yet another employment offer and has more on-site parking for its hundreds of staff. Daily life means food shopping and the Western Approaches still offers a mix of stores with a wonderful coffee shop next to the local food store and the huge super store near Thanet Grange, falls within the St Laurence Ward.

It’s now complete Conservative representation and holding of seats, shows just how hard St Laurence councillors are expected to work and do!

Our monthly surgery is at the Kent Elms Library on the last Saturday of the month between 1.30 and 4pm and appointments are not necessary. We have a Surgery Secretary Pam Farley on Tel: 520124 and our own Press Officer Adam Neville: 07484160789

Councillors are contactable:  07771344180     07918360399  07855281493

David and Steve are members of the Administration and scrutinise plans and proposals as well as sit on various panels to adjudicate on many issues, including Planning.

Mark serves on the Cabinet as an Executive Member of the Council, one of 7 Executive Councillors.

Case work is undertaken by all 3 St Laurence Ward Councillors, so it does not matter who you contact!